Online web campaign to promote the Football World Cup events for a group of establishments based in Bordeaux.

Role: Terry (English Football Supporter)

Director: Fred Cavender

2018 - Convergence

French short film

Role: Garage owner

Director: Romain Journiat

A retired professor receives a visit from the representative of a new military-driven government, enquiring about a poem he’d written in his youth.

Short drama film
Lead role: Professor Theodore
Director: Fred Cavender


Wilson’s central performance is excellent, as is Davies as the terrifying government official. The dialogue between the two of them in the sitting room is superb, delivered with intense chemistry and peril throughout.” –

In a waiting room, four people wait for a job interview.

The situation slowly takes a turn for the worst when a mysterious timer appears, counting down from 6:16.

Short single-take film
Role: Barry
Director: Fred Cavender

“..the dialogue is mostly smart and fast-paced, evoking strong echoes of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton’s collaborative efforts..” –

French short photo film

Role: Father

Production: 3IS

Short film

Role: Jim

Production: Mahidol University

Role: British soldier

Director: Vesa Manninen

2012 - Orange

Lead role

Director: Nicolas Fay

Role: Businessman

Production: TAI Films

Sitcom pilot episode
Role: Phillip
Production: TAI Films

Hollywood feature film
Role: British Port Official
Director: Mikael Hafstrom

Student film
Role: Father
Production: SAE Institute

YouTube short film
Role: Drillmaster Bob
Production: Gerber Films